Social Media Boot Camp

 At QuickWebber we have a passion for helping our customers to succeed.  Our core belief is a very simple concept.  If you donít succeed . . .we donít succeed.  PERIOD!

Our purpose is to provide our customer with technology that economically gives them the power to do more in less time.
To give information that does not merely help you to survive . . .
but to
grow and thrive. 

At the QuickWebber Social Media Boot Camp, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn the following.

  • We will explore a treasury of easy to use and almost infinitely customizable strategies and techniques that help tell the story of your business and position you as an expert people will come to increasingly rely upon.   You will learn . . .
  • How to build a socially interactive website that gets results
  • How to launch a blog, add photos, videos, widgets and more
  • How to read your website statistics to calculate the Return On Investment ( ROI ) of your efforts
  • How to properly build an effective Facebook presence for your business

Facebook is the single most powerful social media tool available to date.  If you doubt that consider this simple well known fact.  Facebook and itís effective use won Barrack Obama the highest office in the land.  The Presidency of The United States of America.  Since then, all major corporations have taken notice and now have a Facebook presence along with staff dedicated to social media. 

We will give you the practical experience necessary to make a positive impact within your business by sharing the following principles.

We will teach you to connect your business to the world with an effective, yet cost efficient strategy to increase the awareness of your product or service and to maximize your return on investment and boost the sales and profits of your business.

You will also learn . . .

  • How to launch a Facebook business page and increase viral communication ( likes and fans ) regarding your business
  • How to convert Facebook and Twitter to business traffic.
  • How to use Twitter to track online opinions and build communities
  • How to find and engage business customers on You Tube
  • How to search engine optimize web content and rank high on Google
  • How to make sure people can find you on search engines
  • How to build a social media monitoring dashboard utilizing online tools
  • Where the future of social media is headed and why you need to be there
  • How to launch and maintain an effective e-mail campaign that produces results

We will teach you these things and much, much more!!!

The effectiveness and necessity of social media for your business cannot be ignored or under valued. Consider some of these points.

  • ∑    1 Trillion + Approximate number of unique URL's ( website addresses ) in Google's index

  • ∑    210 Million + People living in the US use the Internet several times daily.

  • ∑    325 Million + People are presently registered and active on the #1 social networking site in the world... Facebook (facebook)

  • ∑    150 Million + People log on to Facebook every single day

  • ∑    133 Million + Blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002 (Way over 200 Million now)

  • ∑    346 Million + People globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008)

  • ∑    147 Million + US Internet users watched videos on YouTube in January 2009 (YOUTUBEREPORT2009)

  • ∑    10 Million + People use the #1 Micro-Blogging Site... Twitter (Social Times) 

With business becoming increasingly more competitive, small-business owners are in need of ways to better attract, retain and expand their customer base. Marketing strategies that have proven to be effective in the past are no longer viable solutions to today's problems.  We simply cannot expect to address the problems of today with yesterdays solutions.    It almost seems as if you must extend more energy and effort to maintain even reasonable sales and profits.  The cost of doing business is rising and the recession is causing sales to stall or in some cases, plummet.  We are seeing the casualties of the recession all around us whether itís lay-offs and cut backs, businesses going out of business, inconsistent customer traffic and the list continues.  I am sure you have seen your own indicators in the marketplace.

Our Social Media Boot Camp addresses those problems and more.

Itís a new economy with new rules and we give you cutting edge strategies designed to win.

Social media is becoming the single most powerful tool to communicate on the planet.  Everyone knows about social media and nearly 75% of all Americans spend at least one hour a week on Facebook according to recent survey. It has been said that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third-largest nation in the world.  Nearly 4 hours per week are spent browsing the internet.  We will show you how you can drive more of that traffic into your business and turn it into a profit.

There was a time when television, radio and print adís dominated the marketing arena.  That time has passed and those that master the tools and strategies of social media will lead the way in the new economy.  After all , regardless of your political position . . .social media has helped Barak Obama win the highest office in the world!!!

Donít sit back and think things will eventually get better.

You must take decisive action aligned with your beliefs  and plan to attend the next QucikWebber Social Media Boot Camp scheduled in your area.   Only decisive action will make things better.  Take action today.

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